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BitBoxLab is a company aimed to do research and development in the communications security sector. We are working in the creation of new communication protocols and most of our work is used in computer laboratory tests. Our business is purely didactic, the commercial aspect comes later.

The problem of privacy protection is taking on an increasingly important role for what is defense citizens' rights. We spend energy in IT projects that initiate a high moral value, because we strongly believe that this will be the future of the technology sector.


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We are engaged in the research and development of security systems in the field of communication and data storage in an encrypted manner. In this area we have developed some products focused on corporate security, compliant according to the criteria of the DGPR regarding privacy. Our technology allows to establish a network with encrypted communication channels in which each node is certified, and each message is guaranteed by encryption and digital signature. Our experts have developed a secure storage algorithm that also works as a cloud that allows data to be stored in a secure and inaccessible environment. Based on our technology we are able to create solutions to solve every single case in which the procedure requires a high standard of security as regards the transmission and custody of sensitive data. Our transmission protocols encrypted in such a way that the nodes on which they transit do not know the identity of the origin, much less the content of the data packets.The members of our team have experience gained in the field of intelligence, this has allowed us in the design phase to take into account the vulnerabilities known to professionals in terms of information security, designing server systems, client systems, protocols entirely from scratch. of socket communication with asymmetrical encryption, devices for cold storage of encryption keys (virtually unassailable), our group of experts is ready to provide your company's IT department with tailor-made solutions to best solve the vulnerabilities in the procedural flowchart chain.

In the field of corporate security, there are three macro areas in which we can divide the problems of vulnerability: Data communication, data retention, malicious internal staff. Our solutions cover all these areas, going to strengthen corporate security at critical points, to do this every single aspect has been carefully studied by independently creating from A to Z every single software component, from server to client, to low-level protocols. communication. The complete independence from third-party software gives us a great awareness of every single aspect concerning the IT security of our products. We can provide technology for any platform: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, with interoperability of the communication protocol, up to the point of decrypting communications in dedicated hardware to be combined with the system in use (this hardware is completely disconnected to any type access can have a hacker, and immune to covert channel attack, e-Skimming). We invest in research and development to design secure IT solutions that adapt to very customized situations, our flexibility allows us to design security tailored to each company considering the specific differences of each subject, we are also able to interface with development teams and provide them with individual components that adapt to projects already underway in order to strengthen their IT security.
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We design secure systems, digital platforms and
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Secure Apps
To engineer IT security systems for privacy and IT confidentiality purposes
We create encryption systems for specific needs, taking security levels to extremes
Communication infrastructures for point-to-point connection, communication groups and complex structures

Implementation of tools for the defense of privacy according to the strictest canons of European and US regulations

Study of the solutions adopted and legal expertise on the critical level of vulnerability
Software engineering

For each project we carefully plan the technologies to be used to optimize performance

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